quarta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2010

Sometimes I'm just feel nothing
I just want to die when I have no value for this world
Sometime I wish I could look in the mirror and see nothing not him
I'm bounded to chains I cannot break
I just wanna speak when I'm quiet...
I'm not in the position to think that I should be happy
The love is not made for me
I'm alone while you are standing beside me
Cut my life into pieces.. This is my last resort..
I just wanna be dead to feel anything
I'm shattered and broken...
Sometimes I don't wanted this life.. so let me be what I am...
I'm a freak, They always see the wrong side of me
Why is this happening to me ??
I feel so different and I dont know what to do about it
No one knows, sees or undertands it but I feel it
I dont know who I am & What I want
Sometime I feel.. Happy.. Afraid... Angry and hopless....
Empty...alone in every where
My identity is gone.. Mostly I'm sad and depressed
When people ask me why I'm sad
I dont have a definite answer for them
I can only try to smile with my broken innerseft
If they could see inside me they would know I feel like I'm dying
I keep it all inside and it only comes out
When I'm alone there are only handful of people in my life that know
I keep it secret because I dont want people to think I'm Crazy !!!
I had difficulty controlling my anger...
I learned to repress it and now it turn into depression...
I feel so much emotional pain that sometime I have to fight my self
not to hurt myself...
I'm afraid of being abandoned so much that I abandon everyone
before they abandon me... that's voices...yes they are ??
I dont trust people so I ran from the world..
My moods change constantly. I see things only black and white term
I either love someone or hate them
I feel empty inside and great emotional the same time...
I have difficult maintaining a sense of identity and purpose in this
It's hard fo me to maintain and reach goal
Because I dont know who I am or what I want.
These are the deepest, darkest tears that
I've ever cried, if I entered inside them
You would enter my mind, while other speak their mind
I'd have to say I cry mine. I'm stuck on my self and I feel caged
There is nothing left for me in this world
I tried many things to kill voices in my head
None worked.. They still here with my loneliness
Even more I tried to get better but nothing realy helps..
If they come, I dont want to see anyone. I dont trust them people
They all leave me behind...


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