terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

Whithout you I am nothing. Lost and empty inside.

Because of the problems with my desease, no one wants to be my friend. (tenho bons exemplos disso)

I am so lonely.

'Everyone I know go away in the end' - Quando não, vem alguém como domingo e me afasta de quem amo, dizendo que a mesma não tem condições de estar ao meu lado - Sinto como se eu fosse um mal que leva as pessoas pro buraco - como já repetido por outra amiga e enfatizado por essa!

Cause sometimes I adore you, but 5 seconds later I can disgust you

Where are you perfect, and why am not??

It makes me desperate!

i`m stuck on myself aand I feel caged

There`s nothing left for me in the selfish world

Time to go

Time to say goodbye

Farewell.. I`m sorry

This is where I`m coming from

And this is where I`m going too

I tried many things to kill myself

None worked

I`m still here

Even more I tried to get better

But nothing really helps

And so time goes by

Everyday I feel more helpless, useless and wasted

And so feel everyone around me about me

There`s nothing left for me

I cry all day

I cut everyday

Deeper, deeper

I don`t want to see anyone

I don`t trust anypeople (confiava até 2 dias atrás..)

They all leave me behind

To forget about the inner pain

I use to take alcohol

Cutting myself too, I`m a big wound now

But that only got it worse

Locked in my pain that is burning inside me

All I can do is waiting for help and hold on

I hate you, I love you - Don`t leave me!

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